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Provides a "safe haven" for women in abusive situations. DV advocacy

Provides a "safe haven" for women in abusive situations. DV advocacyProvides a "safe haven" for women in abusive situations. DV advocacyProvides a "safe haven" for women in abusive situations. DV advocacy
Each Domestic Violence Crisis Woman free from her abuse

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April Lukomski made this speech re JCMC-Haven of Rest.  LISTEN.

Hand to Hand we reach out to the Community

 JCMC-Haven of Rest's Board and Members are actively involved in Community events.  In the eleven (11) years we have been operational, we have made many presentations regarding Domestic Violence and our efforts to help women in crisis situations.  


 Our Mayor of Manning, SC, Julia Nelson, has presented us with several Certifications of Appreciation for our presence in Clarendon County.   Before we arrived May 18, 2008, any woman with domestic violence issues needing transitional housing was transported to Sumter, Florence, Orangeburg or Columbia.  Now we can serve them.  


Domestic Violence Awareness Walks

We had several walks to spread awareness about our Organization and our advocacy against domestic violence.  The flood and hurricane, back to back, caused us to redirect our efforts for fundraising.  

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Ann Driggers - Executive Director

  • Please contact us directly with any questions or comments concerning crisis intervention.   


Jordan Crossroads Ministry Center - Haven of Rest

PO BOX 166, Alcolu, SC 29001

(803) 309-8085

About Us

We are a 501C Faith-based Organization


Find freedom from Domestic Violence

Find freedom from Domestic Violence

We are a 501C3 Faith-based Organization.

Jordan Crossroads Ministry Center is aka JCMC-Haven of Rest.

Find freedom from Domestic Violence

Find freedom from Domestic Violence

Find freedom from Domestic Violence

"Ending the Silence on Domestic Violence."


Help us stop Domestic Violence.

Find freedom from Domestic Violence

Help us stop Domestic Violence.

Encourage any woman in an abusive situation to contact us, after they have made a police report in the city or county where the abuse occurred. 

About Us


Mission Statement
Jordan Crossroads Ministry Center-Haven of Rest is a faith-based 501c3 nonprofit transitional domestic violence crisis center for women and their children, that is community and integrity minded. Our mission is to provide a safe haven for women and their children escaping their aggressive/abusive partner or spouse. JCMC-Haven of Rest strives for survivors to acquire independence and start a new life without the threat of abuse.




Fundraising is very important for us to raise money for our Organization's existence.  

LOST PENNY DAY FUNDRAISER - we collect pennies, other coins and monies to raise funds for the operation of our Organization.  We encourage you to participate with us.  We do this every year from February 12 to February 11.  Please call Ann Driggers at 803-460-5572 to ask for details or to arrange for pickup.  Thank you for supporting us with this event.  "EVERY PENNY COUNTS!!"  We raised $2000.00 with the help of 17 donors.  Join us for the next year.  We are collecting fromm February 12, 2020 until February 11, 2021. 

MIDLANDSGIVES is an on-line fundraiser that we have participated in for 7 years  and did May 5, 2020.  Our goal of $15,000 will be met, in Jesus' name.  We raised thus far on line $4294.  ALL of the money is NOT in yet.  We are receiving offline donations via mail.   Mail to JCMC, PO Box 166, Alcolu, SC 29001.  Thank you for all who have and are giving.  Midlands Gives' Organizations (409 ) raised $3,116,904.00  (yes that is 3 million, one hundred sixteen thousand, nine hundred four dollars) and that not the final tatal.  WOW is all I can say.  We were all blessed in spite of the Corona COVID-19 pandemic.   

Even though the Corona Virus has caused us to slow down in our daily activities, we are not cancelling the Fundraiser.  We will NOT have any GIVING STATIONS locally, but all donations can still be made online.  PLEASE NOTE - the minimum donation will be $10.00 rather than $20.00.


2nd Annual  Golf Tournament scheduled for Saturday, September 12, 2020, at The Players Course .  We will be looking for you to enjoy the Tournament with us.  


Check out this great video by April Lukomski.

Don't Let Domestic Violence Abuse Cause you Harm



Are you suffering from abuse of any type and need a place to relocate for 90 days or less to give you time to make some decisions on how you will pursue your future?  If so, JCMC-Haven of Rest is where you can come for that needed time.  We would love to be a provider of peace and tranquility for you.  I believe you will feel comfortable, peaceful and receive respect from the members of the Board.

No one should have to live in a world that is in chaos and unrest, and we would like to give you a little piece of Heaven.  Call or email with details of your abusive situation and we will work with you to give you that peace of mind you need.